Unit History: HMS Bulwark

HMS Bulwark

Memories of HMS Bulwark

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Bulwark (sea training) in 1972

Written by Bill Cummins

Comms ratings went from Mercury to Malta to join HMS Bulwark for 2 weeks sea training. Had a great time but all I can remember of it is the sunbathing !! (oh! and the helicopters)....
Left to right: John Gandy, Steve Lee, Stuart Gillies, George Ashby, Andy Collins, Tony Birchall, Norman McKenzie, Peter Dawber, Ray Gent.

HMS Bulwark, in 1966

Written by alan richardson

being blown up while ashore seven hurt would like to hear from the others jock morrison scouse cox among them.

HMS Bulwark, in 1972

Written by Jim Shaw (Artie)

Best seagoing i enjoyed. Great visits and great bunch of lads.

HMS Bulwark, in 1974

Written by Eric(pusser)Hills

I joined Bulwark late ’74 while she was undergoing refit in Guz as W.E. Office Writer. The day they floated her out of dry dock it was very windy,and as the mateys warped her out,a gust caught her and she crashed into the dock side guard rail tearing off a large piece which could be seen sticking out of a crane sponson on her port side. What the dockyard mateys thought of this event I never heard.

HMS Bulwark, Far East in 1970

Written by Nigel (Nick) Toman

Anyone remember the peanut seller who used to wander around the NAAFI bar in HMS Terror (I think it was called the Armada club). You could hear him from a long distance with his plaintiff cry of " All Fiiiiit...., Peanuts". He used to measure them out with his hands and give you them in newspaper.

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