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Unit History: HMS Blake

HMS Blake

Memories of HMS Blake

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Blake, in 1971

Written by Eric(pusser)Hills

Does anyone else remember the day we sailed out of Pompey harbour in 1971 on our way to the "States" and instead of playing Naval Marching tunes through the loudspeakers which had been placed on the upper deck,instead at full volume the rest of the Dockyard heard the song "San Francisco" by Scott Mckenzie!!

HMS Blake, in 1961

Written by Philip Wood

The continual failing of Y turret to fire correctly kept delaying our sailing for the Med (I blame the Bootnecks as it was their turret!)

HMS Blake, Malta 1971-72 in 1971

Written by Eric Hills

Does anyone else remember being diverted to Malta to help in the Evacuation of British Forces late 1971? It seems at that time a certain Mister Dom Mintoff had come to power in Malta and he wanted all British Forces out of Malta,and our job was to help pack up or destroy what couldn’t be moved. We were there over Christmas and New Year on what I have now found was called Operation Exit. Look it up on the net and all you’ll read about is Bulwark which releived us!!!!.

HMS Blake, Keil week 70 something in 2011

My lasting memory is the night me and "Bungy" Williams swam round to USS Dahlgren and painted our ships name on its stern. We misspelt it and it came out as "Snaky Blaky C99"

, , HMS Blake, tour of america in 1971

Written by keith royden davies

had an accident in accupulco mexico before going to san and jock were in hospital in sanfrancisco .photos are when we were in gibralter for a month before we went to malta for christmas
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