Unit History: HMS Ajax

HMS Ajax

Memories of HMS Ajax

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Christmas HMS AJAX in 1975

Written by Mike Barclay

World Cruise 1975 -76 Christmas day in Adelaide,Australia, temperature 106 outside and about 35 inside the aircon!! was turned down for everyone to enjoy the party. great day of booze and conversation.

, HMS Ajax, 1974 1977 in 1976

Written by Ian Cunliffe

The ship went to Canada via Newfoundland, then Montreal just after the Montreal Olympic games and then on too Ajax Ontario just East of Toronto. The Ajax was under the command of Captain (Tubby) Squires who was very well respected by the ships company. We spent a week in Ajax Ontario. I met a young lady their named Mandy Hodges. We have now been married for 34 years.

HMS Ajax, Royal Navy in 2012

Written by Ian Cunliffe

I have a lot of good memories like several world cruises. But the best memory for me was being on the HMS Ajax Frigate and we were invited to the Town Of Ajax Ontario Canada. The town was named after the HMS Ajax and we were asked to visit there in 1976 as guests of the Mayor of Ajax. We spent a very memorable week there and the Ajax crew were taken in by hundred of local families during that week. The dances, private parties and excursions we all took were a great memory for the whole crew of the HMS Ajax. The freedom of the town, or key to the city was awarded to Captain "Tubby" Squires and the whole crew. It is a great memory of the whole ships company of the Ajax marching through the city in on our number one whites with a full "guard" and marching band and all the branches of the local kids armed forces cadets marching with us. I later married an Ajax girl and have lived in Canada since 1978.

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