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Unit History: HMS Afrikander

HMS Afrikander

Memories of HMS Afrikander

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Afrikander, Wedding of Don Fisher in 1958

Written by Jack Carter

I was best man for Don Fisher, an L.R.E.M. at Cape East Wireless Station and who eventually left the R.N. returned to Cape Town with his wife and is now retired there at a great location with a classic view of Table Mountain and a pseudo style English pub, ’The Royal Oak’ within spitting distance. I met up with Don and had a pint with him in 2010 at that very pub, the first time that I had met him since 1958.

HMS Afrikander, 43 years later in 2010

Written by Jack Carter

Meeting up with Don Fisher in Cape Town for a pint or three in ’The Royal Oak’ at Table View. I was best man at his wedding in 1957.
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