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Unit History: HMS Aeneas

HMS Aeneas

Memories of HMS Aeneas

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HMS Aeneas, in 1968

Playing Rugby in Cape Town against the Cape town police and been carried over the line by a big cape town copper before he put the ball down for a try.
We got the last laugh though because I kicked 3 goals and we won the game
Playing football in Helsinki, I had to pick a team from 3 subs moored in Helsinki to play against HMS DEVONSHIRE. It was on its way to Russia to play against the Russian Navy with 5 full navy players on board. We put up a good show and managed a draw
Going ashore with Ginge Workman, Patsy O,neill and Colin Ashmore on a regular basis along with Paddy Fanning who we always seemed to have to carry back on board.
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