Unit History: HM Submarines

HM Submarines
HM Submarine X1 was conceived and designed as a submersible commerce raider for the Royal Navy, and at the time of her launching was the largest submarine in the world. The idea of a submarine cruiser had been mooted as early as 1915, but was not put into practice until 1921.
X1, which was based on the uncompleted German U-173 class, was laid down on November 2 1921 at the Naval Dockyard Chatham and completed on September 23 1925, commissioning in December 1925.
The 1922 Washington Naval Treaty, of which Britain was a signatory, did not ban submarines but it did ban their use against merchant ships, which was X1’s unacknowledged purpose; its armament had been designed to successfully engage the classes of vessels likely to be escorting convoys, such as destroyers and frigates. Therefore, a certain amount of secrecy surrounded X1, the government even going to the lengths of taking a national newspaper to court over its pictures of the new submarine following her launch, all copies of the paper being seized.

Memories of HM Submarines

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

HM Submarines, hms oracle in 1984

Written by bernie clive winter

amazing jolly to gib,being persude by rock apes,the monkeys on the mountain were pretty worrying too!

, HM Submarines, joining first vessel... in 1988

Written by Bill Brady

Basically it was crap, full of bullies and twats. Where are they now? I dont know but I now their not an officer in the Merchant Navy.

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