Unit History: Medium Regiment

Medium Regiment
The 1st Medium Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery was one of six medium regiments which served in England, Italy, and northwest Europe during World War Two.
The Adjutant of the 1st Medium Regiment, RCA, was Captain Horace Trites; Trites was awarded a "Mention in Dispatches" in Italy. Trites and G.P.O. (Gun Position Officer) Lieutenant ’Buck’ Buchanan later became pilots at 43 OTU, RAF Andover, and fought in northwest Europe with No. 665 Squadron RCAF.

Memories of Medium Regiment

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Medium Regimentiment RA, Northern Ireland in 2010

Written by Roy Collins

Bdr.,Jones shot in the back,in our first few weeks in 72. And all the injuries after, we got wise quick,and stayed Lucky for the most part.

Medium Regiment, cyprus in 1960

Written by MatthewMcCullochThomas

Serving WithJohnHunter Joe Ostle we had a great time after the troubles

18 Medium Regiment - Royal Artillery, in 2010

I was with FOX TROOP stationed in TAMPIN, based in MALYA. I was there for operational duties against the CT’S (Comunis terriorst).

18 Medium Regiment - Royal Artillery, posted with the regt to hongkong in 1966

Written by peter boyne

arrived at sekong camp new territory,s now a light regt 105,s this was our home for three years ,had my 21 birthday that year,great night we had a mixture of events over the three years ,like riots , vietnam war and the china fleet club, allways enjoyed paddy haslett doing the dance of the flaming arseholes,we allways put the flame out with a san ma guile or tiger beer worked every time. a few friends some of you might know that i have kept in touch with are barry lytton ,charlie brown, regards ,pete

Medium Regiment, Cyprus in 1964

Written by Jimmy greenwood

All the boys 26 reg RA

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