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Tactical Air Command (TAC) (1946 - 1992) was a Major Command of the United States Air Force (USAF) charged with battlefield-level (tactical) air combat to include air superiority (offensive and defensive counterair), light bombardment, tactical nuclear strike, tactical reconnaissance, close air support of ground troops, battlefield air interdiction of enemy forces, and (until 1975) tactical airlift of ground troops, other personnel and associated logistical support to bases. TAC was also responsible for tactical ballistic missiles and tactical cruise missiles, although the latter role in the 1980s and 1990s was often delegated to United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) and Pacific Air Forces (PACAF).

Memories of TAC

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

27 Cmnd W/S Watchfield Detachment in 1952

Written by Bob Rust

I have fond memories of Sam Tapp the civvy cook. Drinking in "The Eagle".

el gamil attack .suez.5/11/56. in 1956

Written by john bishop

wheres it gone idid submit it

Marine Detachment to the Falklands in 1952

Written by Archie Herd

I have a lot of memoties regarding my time in the Falklands when 28 of us were sent from HMS Shefield in the West Indies to the Falklands on board HMS Veryan Bay a small Frigate,we were there for about 7 months ptorecting the Falklanders from the Argentines, it was a hard time we were put asore to live in the old naval wireless station outside POrt Stanley,we also made a visit to South Georga which was still in opperation, would like to make contact with any old mates then.

raf detachment kuantan in 1965

Written by donald dykes

My memories of Kuantan are that much of my time was spent on the beach because we only had one aircraft a week to deliver our official mail. I remember watching a film while it was raining and you could hardly see the screen.One day the cooks set fireto the corrugated sheet over the field cookhouse. Got promotedto FS on this tour,and was very embarrased when I returned to UK for being awarded the GeneralService Malaya for my sojourn on the beach

R.A.O.C attached too School Infantry in 1964

Written by william moon

I would iove too get in touch with Dave mellor from Hendnesford Harry masters from Southhampton Dave foster and Paul robertshaw from Manchester John finer Stoke and Alan webster. Warminster was agood posting plenty of boozing in the Bell .Iwould like too thank Ray and Pat Phillips for there hospitality.Ray was from Devon and Pat from South wales,they lived in married quarters Do theese names ring a bell with anyone,you may have served with them somewhere else.

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