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Unit History: RAF Polomedia

RAF Polomedia

Added on 07/04/2010

21 Police District, Polemedia,Limassol. This unit then became P& SS Limassol in 1968.

Memories of RAF Polomedia

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Polomedia in 1966

Written by Keith Brennan.(Geordie)

I served on the Traffic Section 21 P.D 1966/69.with DICKIE POTTS,COLIN BURNS,S/Sgt.GEORGE DWYER & Sgt.TERRY NUGENT R.M.P.

RAF Polomedia 21 RAF.Police Unit. in 1966

Written by Keith Brennan.

Served on TRAFFIC & Accident Investigation Section 1966/69.Covering over 200 accidents, personally.I lived in Limassol with my wife Muriel after a brief stay in Famagusta.

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