Unit History: RAF Pergamos

RAF Pergamos

Added on 18/06/2010

Pergamos Camp was built in the early 1960s close to Pergamos village as a specialist signals receiving station, with a massive adjacent aerial farm, it had a couple of Signals Units, the main one being 399 SU, and later also 33 SU from late 1962 onwards, was based here, which had a satellite unit at RAF Akrotiri.  Pergamos is mentioned in - GCHQ: The Uncensored Story of Britains Most Secret Intelligence Agency.
It was later used as a residual camp for the families of the RAF Signals unit that is now based in Ayios Nikolaos. The camp also being used to accommodate visiting troops, and in autumn 1971 was the home of C Company, The Blues and Royals. Pergamos Camp was also the home to CJSATC from 1981 to 1991, when it then moved to Dhekelia Garrison.
The camp contained a NAAFI, Medical Centre and many other services, but in the late 1980s the residents finally moved out to new quarters in Ayios Nikolaos and the camp was formally closed. It then lay untouched for over a decade until on 10 February 1997, when it was finally demolished by 62 Cyprus Sqn RE. The debris being left where it fell, as it is there today, which can clearly be seen on Google Mapping.

Added on 13/07/2010

Site surveys started at the latter end of 1956. Building work commenced in 1957.  When 264 SU moved there in 1958 parts of the camp were still under construction

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