Unit History: RAF Goldsborough

RAF Goldsborough
The coastal site was developed from 1941/2 as an Army CD/CHL station for the detection and plotting of shipping. The station was transferred to the RAF in March 1942, and then supplemented with a type 52 CHEL radar system. By March 1945 the site included AMES Type 13 (a height finding radar) and Type 57.
The operations block was constructed in 1951 as part of `Phase 2’ of the original RAF ROTOR project. This involved the construction and installation of an underground CHEL(A) station designed to provide cover against low flying aircraft.
The station’s identity letter code within the ROTOR project was `JEX’.
RAF Goldsborough was originally part of Northern Sector, headed by the RAF Shipton Sector Operations Centre (SOC). Following the early operational demise of RAF Shipton, 12 Group (CHEL sites at RAF Goldsborough, RAF Hopton, RAF Cold Hesledon and CEW+satellite GCI at RAF Trimmingham and RAF Bempton) reported to ADOC via the comprehensive stations (GCI sites upgraded to Master Radar Stations) at RAF Patrington and Neatishead (12 Group control centre).
By 1957 the Air Staff were examining the need for all CHEL stations. The fate of the sites was sealed, in the main, by the success of the stage 1A radars (Green Garlic, or AMES Type 80 Mk’s 1-3) and the reorganisation of Plan Ahead, but before this could take place the bunker was destroyed by a severe fire in March 1958.

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