Unit History: RAF Pucklechurch

RAF Pucklechurch
RAF Pucklechurch opened on the 9th August 1939 as No.11 Balloon Centre. The Head Quarters for its three Balloon Barrage Squadrons.
Sheds for the construction of barrage balloons can still be seen at Pucklechurch; by the Industrial Estate and Detention Centre
During World War II there was a barrage balloon depot. There was a Royal Air Force station at Pucklechurch from 1952 to 1962, when the site was transferred to HM Prison Service. It was used as a remand centre and later became Ashfield Young Offender Institution.

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This was an RAF Special Languages School {Russian, Chinese,and others

Memories of RAF Pucklechurch

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Pucklechurch in 1954

Written by philip lovell

Great base, just outside Bristol. 400 airmen & 200 WRAFs. Camp dances attracted coachloads of Bristol girls so lots of romances developed. I had a very good time, playing football for camp and setting up jazz club. My immediate boss, Warrant Officer Sambrook was a bit of a tartar but a good guy at heart. I made a lot of good friends and am still in touch with some of them and also some of my old Bristol girlfriends. Demobbed in March 1954 and really missed the comradeship. Thought about signing on but went into banking instead which was, probably, the right decision but, looking back, they were a great two years and I wouldn't have missed the experience.
Pucklechurch was HQ 62 Group and also had a 'hush hush' radar unit attached. Very pretty village with two super pubs. We held monthly dances on camp which attracted coachloads of Bristol girls and we set up a weekly camp jazz club. I played football for the camp side, went to dances at various dancehalls in Bristol and to jazz concerts at Colston Hall. I took my wife to Pucklechurch two years ago and suffered some pangs of nostalgia !

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