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Unit History: RAF Kabrit

RAF Kabrit
RAF Kabrit was a Royal Air Force station in the Suez Canal Zone, Egypt. The name came from a nearby village, and in Egyptian means "light".
The aircraft equipped No. 219 Squadron RAF at Kabrit and No. 39 Squadron at Fayid, both in Egypt.It is now used by the Egyptian Air Force.
Main units
No 44 Heavy Glider Servicing Unit (1 May - 30 Sep 1946)
Mediterranean and Middle East Special Transport Flt (1 Jun 1947 - 31 Mar 1949)
Mediterranean and Middle East Communication Sqn (15 Mar - 1 Jun 1949)
13 Squadron, We were equipped first with De Havilland Mosquitos then later we went to the Gloster Meteors. It was a photo Reconnaisance squadron.

Memories of RAF Kabrit

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

raf kabrit in 1949

Written by anthony hole

HMS Amethyst sailing through the canal on her return from china.An impressive sight
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