Unit History: RAF Old Sarum

RAF Old Sarum
At the end of WWI, the site became RAF Old Sarum3, with almost exclusive use in pilot training.
Old Sarum Airfield - situated two miles to the North-East of Salisbury, Wiltshire, off the A345 on the road to Winterbourne Gunner, and in continuous use since 1917 - is one of the oldest operational airfields in the United Kingdom.
In 1920, Old Sarum became home to the RAF’s School of Army Co-operation, started to develop RAF and Army skills in airborne artillery spotting and tactical reconnaissance. By 1924, the school received an attachment of three Squadrons, and it was during this period that the full potential of the Air Observation Post (AOP) was appreciated.
At the outbreak of WWII, Old Sarum provided a home to No 1 and No 2 Schools of Army Cooperation4, and by 1940 a squadron of Lysanders from the Royal Canadian Air Force joined them. During the invasion scares of that year aircraft from these units completed anti-invasion patrols along the South Coast.
The Royal Air Force station closed in 1971, but general aviation aircraft continued to fly from the airfield, alongside Army Flying which resumed a presence there.

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