Unit History: RAF Dyce

RAF Dyce
The airport opened in 1934, established by Eric Gandar Dower, intended to link the northern islands of Scotland with London. During World War II the airfield became an RAF base, and although fighters were based there through the Battle of Britain to provide protection from German bombing raids from Norway, it was mainly used as a photographic reconnaissance base. The airport was nationalised in 1947 and was transferred to the control of the British Airports Authority (BAA) in 1975.
With the discovery of North Sea oil, helicopter operations began in 1967, linking the growing number of oil rigs to the mainland. As Aberdeen became the largest oil-related centre in Europe, the airport became the worlds largest commercial heliport. Today, Aberdeen Airport handles more than 37,000 rotary wing movements carrying around 468,000 passengers annually. Helicopters account for almost half of all aircraft movements at the Airport.

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