Unit History: RAF Wythall

RAF Wythall
RAF Wythall was opened in 1939 as the HQ of No. 6 Balloon Barrage Centre, responsible for the balloon defence of the southern part of Birmingham and Coventry. Later the Centre assumed responsibility for balloon defence of the whole of Birmingham and part of the Black Country. Six hundred miles of territory were covered and many WAAF personnel, as well as RAF men, were engaged at the Centre and on the balloon sites.
After the war, the Station became the WAAF Demobilisation Centre, handling the release of all air service women engaged in every theatre of war. When the Demobilisation Centre was closed, having completed its purpose, the station became the HQ of No. 1 School of Administrative Trades.
The School was transferred to Hereford in 1949 and the station was closed:

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