Unit History: RAF Ventnor

RAF Ventnor

RAF Ventnor was one of the 20 original Chain Home radar stations authorised in 1937 and the station first became operational in temporary hutting in late 1938. While many Chain Home radar stations around the country closed at the end of the war, RAF Ventnor remained in use and in November 1947 it was one of only 26 operational radar stations in the UK. The Type 24 long range microwave height finder and Types 52 and 53 radars were still in use while the Type 1 Chain Home radar remained on care and maintenance.
However the site also contains an extensive bunker complex designed to be part of an early warning network and later converted for use as a shelter in case of a nuclear strike during the Cold War. The bunker, which was a variant on the P1 ROTOR design, has now been sealed and is generally thought to be inaccessible

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