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Unit History: RAF Ternhill

RAF Ternhill
RAF Ternhill is based in Shropshire near the town of Newport and Market Drayton. Opened in 1916 but closed again in 1922.  Requisitioned in 1935 as the RAF expansion programme got underway.
The station is small and home of the Volunteer Gliding Squadron 632, which was a helicopter outpost for the tri-service helicopter training establishment at RAF Shawbury.  During 15 active years it saw the RAF renew its helicopter fleet and improve its rotary wing flying training. RAF Ternhill closed in 1976 when CFS(H) disbanded and became 2FTS. The base was handed over to the British Army as Clive Barracks. A new visual control tower was added in 1985 and it is still active as a relief landing ground for nearby RAF Shawbury and its based DHFS helicopters, which frequently use an area just east of the main runway intersections for practice auto rotations. It also was one of the RAF stations that provided the first stage of the, then, new Provost/Vampire pilot training programmes.
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