Unit History: RAF Siggiewi Malta

RAF Siggiewi Malta
Located on the island of Malta, roughly midway between the villages of Mqabba and Siggiewi, is a little known ex RAF Signals unit. 480 SU operated for many years from this location, right up to the time when the Armed Forces of the UK left Malta. For all those who served at 840 SU, RAF Siggiewi throughout the many years and wondered whether it was still there, here are some photo’s taken November 2006. From what I could see, very little had changed. The first thing you notice is the old guard room (Nissen hut) has been removed, but curiously the stone surround of the doorway is still there, complete with the original Kings Crown RAF badge.
The orderly room has received the added the touch of colour from a trailing Bougainvillea, extending from one end to the other and while the old station is currently used as a training depot by the Maltese Police and other purposes, be advised that access is restricted and casual visitors are not invited. I used the satellite shot from Google earth to show the layout of the station today. Note the road at the NNE corner and the collection of huts etc is a recent addition. This was mostly rough ground with a fairly deep gully running through there years ago.
(Thanks to David Bawden for this info - http://www.sheba-imports.com/RAF_Siggiewi_Malta.html)

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