Unit History: RAF Oldenburg

RAF Oldenburg

Added on 22/11/2010

RAF Oldenberg was a German Luftwaffe airfield during the last world war and after the war ended became a Royal Air Force Station.  RAF aircraft that flew from this base include, Vampire Jets, F86 Sabre Jets and Hawker Hunter Mk4 and Mk6 Jets.  The Royal Air Force handed Oldenberg back to the German Air Force in the Autumn of 1957 and a brief movie clip of this ceremony can be viewed on the   http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=59994

Memories of RAF Oldenburg

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Oldenburg in 1952

Written by Trevor Taff Parry

I served with 3 MRSU at Oldenburg & Fassburg, (2TAF), Germany national service 1951/52.
I played football for the unit & have a photograph of the team. Captain of the football team was David Price. He was also captain of the cricket team. He played centre half & wicket-keeper for the cricket. I played left-wing for the football team & fast-bowled for the cricket team.
3 MRSU - The unit was formed at Fassburg, Germany in 1952. It was a Mobile Recovery Salvage Unit. This unit recovered crashed aircraft and returned them to base. We were dealing mostly with vampires but also Meteor aircraft.
There are 2 Oldenburg’s. One near the Bremen (far larger). This is where we were stationed. There is a river running through the town. There were many trams & bicycles in those days. A new swimming pool was being built before I was demobbed, early in 1952.

RAF Oldenburg, in 1957

Having trained as an aircraft engine fitter at St Athans I was posted to Germany at Oldenburg working on the Aicraft Servicing Flight. While I was there I was made responsible for the Crash Crew vehicles. I can remember 14 Sqadron and I think 21. When the Sqadrons swapped with the Canadians we were called upon to do the first line servicing because there was a test Atom attack and the pilots bought us a crate of beer for doing such a good job. Does anyone remember the Spitfre that used to be moved from Sqadron to Sqadron at night and hidden.

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