Unit History: Commando Brigade Air Squadron

Commando Brigade Air Squadron
Almost co-inciding with the Commando Carriers (HMS Albion & HMS Bulwark) being replaced by the Landing Platforms Dock (LPD) HMS Fearless & HMS Intrepid, and to give more effective support to Commandos in the field, Brigade Flight, 40 Cdo RM Air Troop, 42 Cdo RM Air Troop and 29 Cdo RA Air Troop were amalgamated at Sembawang, Singapore on 12 Aug 1968, to form Commando Brigade Air Squadron.  The unit began life with 14 Sioux AH.1. In 1971, 3 CBAS returned to the UK and added 41 Cdo RM Air Troop and 45 Cdo RM Air Troop bring a mix of Sioux and Scout AH.1 to the unit. Between 1974 & 1975, the Sioux AH.1 were replaced by the Gazelle AH.1. Shortly after the Falklands conflict in 1982, the Scouts were replaced by the Lynx AH.1 After distinguished service at home and overseas, CBAS was replaced by 847 Naval Air Squadron on 31 Aug 1995.

Memories of Commando Brigade Air Squadron

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Commando Brigade Air Squadron in 1973

Written by Neil MacQuarrie

I served with 3 Cdo BAS from July 1973 until Mar 1977. Fantastic Unit with great spirit and professionalism and the very best guys you could ever wish to meet. I was the Flt Art at 40 Cdo Dieppe Flight from Sept 1973 until Aug 1974 at Coypool and Bickleigh Barracks, and then from Aug 1974 until Mar 1977 the Flt Art of Salerno Flt 41 Cdo Air Tp based in Malta. I loved every minute of my time with 3 Cdo BAS especially the sea time on carriers etc and deployments all over the world. Royals are the best soldiers in the world.

Commando Brigade Air Squadron, in 1969

Written by John Hyde

My first flight in a large fixed wing Ac from Brize Norton to Singapore-Feb 1969. Watching the sun rise whilst somewhere over the Indian Ocean on route to Gan. Very memorable.

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