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Unit History: RAF Oakhanger

RAF Oakhanger
The first site that was built by the Americans was the TCS, West Site built by Marconi came in the following year.

Memories of RAF Oakhanger

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Oakhanger in 1969

Written by Lionel F S Clarke

I first went to RAF Oakhanger in December 69, to give the place the once over as I was due in on the 2nd Jan 70, the site was being run by the Americans as a moon base site, When I arrived in the January the other person there was WO Joe (Moby Dick) Croxford, my job was to monitor work being carried out by Radiation Inc. on the green field site, I went from there to the Comms site to join the Marconi installation. I left Oakhanger and the Air Force in August 1972
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