Unit History: RAF Wahn

RAF Wahn

Added on 09/03/2010

R.A.F.Wahn was a cold war airfield in Germany also used as a civil airport serving Cologne and Bonne. There were three RAF squadrons operating from the base:
68 Squadron flying Meteor NF 11
87 Squadron flying the same aircraft.
2 Squadron  flying Fighter Recce Meteors
There was also a Belgian Squadron flying American Thunderjets.
Station Commander from about 1954 was Group Captain Lapsley who eventually achieved the rank of Air Marshall.

Added on 18/05/2010

87 Squadron with nf11s they re-equipped with Javelins and moved to RAF Bruggen
17 Squadron reformed at Wahn with Canberras.

Added on 14/07/2010

They Belgians had a squadron at RAF Wahn and they also had a Flying Fortress parked at the back of the hangers.This was c1953.

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