Unit History: RAF Wahn

RAF Wahn

Added on 09/03/2010

R.A.F.Wahn was a cold war airfield in Germany also used as a civil airport serving Cologne and Bonne. There were three RAF squadrons operating from the base:
68 Squadron flying Meteor NF 11
87 Squadron flying the same aircraft.
2 Squadron  flying Fighter Recce Meteors
There was also a Belgian Squadron flying American Thunderjets.
Station Commander from about 1954 was Group Captain Lapsley who eventually achieved the rank of Air Marshall.

Added on 18/05/2010

87 Squadron with nf11s they re-equipped with Javelins and moved to RAF Bruggen
17 Squadron reformed at Wahn with Canberras.

Added on 14/07/2010

They Belgians had a squadron at RAF Wahn and they also had a Flying Fortress parked at the back of the hangers.This was c1953.

Memories of RAF Wahn

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Wahn, BFPO 19. in 1952

Written by Ken Lobley

Are there any 38 Wing C.& R. Flight Gunner Signallers out there who remember our many visits to Todendorf or Putlos with our Bofors. Does anyone remember or know what happened to Corporal Taff Neal (Neill)? or Corporal Mick (Lofty) Bradshaw from Blackpool area. Our signallers were Regulars & National Service. Can anyone help please?

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