Unit History: RAF Marine Craft

RAF Marine Craft
RAF Marine Craft Section originated in the Great War in Apr 1916, 11 days after the creation of the RAF as a whole. Small craft and personnel were transfered in from the RNAS. During the 1920s the Section’s flying boats were being used to establish air routes across the British Empire. It was formed into a Branch in 1948, operated the largest air-sea rescue service in the world, and survived to 1986.
The RAF Marine Branch operated the RAF Air-Sea Rescue (ASR) cover in small fast launches (HSL). During World War II RAF Marine Craft high-speed rescue launches were used extensively in the Air Sea Rescue role, saving over 13 000 aircrew and other personnel.
In 1948 the Marine Craft became a full branch of the RAF and was disbanded in 1986.

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