Unit History: RAF Manby

RAF Manby
County: Lincolnshire
Location: 4 miles E of Louth
Airfield Today: Agriculture, grain store, industry
Tower Type: 1. Unique pre-war type
2. Control Tower, Vertical Split Control Type 2548c/55, built 1967
WW2 command : Training
WW2 military use : RAF airfield
Current Use : Motor sports : Airfield site
Offices : Technical sites
Opened: 1938
Closed: 1974
Squadrons based here:
No 1 Air Armament School :: 1938 -
No 2 Air Armament School :: ??
Empire Central Armament School :: Spring 1943
2782 Defence Sqn :: 1941 -
RAF Strubby came under RAF Manby RAF Flying College from VJ Day until closure in 1972. The nucleus of the staff of the Empire Central Flying School was transferred to RAF Manby to open the Flying College in 1946. Manby later became the home of the College of Air Warfare, part of which was the School of Refresher Flying.
A metal screen 800yds long by 50ft high was erected at RAF Manby to test landings in cross-winds.

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