Unit History: RAF Labuan

RAF Labuan

Added on 26/08/2009

During the 1950s RAF Labuan was used as a staging post for MR Transport aircraft of Far East Transport Wing based at RAF Changi. The unit was small (about 30 personnel) and was a detatched unit of Changi. It was normally commanded by a Flight Lieutenant. It provided the Airport fire services and a VHF/DF station. There were also Air Movements personnel, a small aircraft servicing team and catering staff. On the unit there was a flight of RAAF signals personnel. They were involved in special radio monitoring duties.

Added on 03/09/2010

i was the cook (who called the cook a ++++),who called the ++++ a cook] at Labuan for 6 months in 1952,it was not common knowledge, or secret that the RAAF had a 4/5 member very secure signal unit there. They were accommodated in a tent behind behind the barrack block. They received a lot more support from there government than we did from ours, for instance,on the kings, or was it the queens,birthday they had the day off plus parcels from AUS. We of course got SFA. I am now 78ys.old but memories of Labuan and Changi are very dear to me and i could rant on for ages in anyone is interested,Derek Kent

Memories of RAF Labuan

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Labuan in 1968

Written by Taff Thomas

Was there the day a Javelin landed, taxied to the apron, shut down, aircrew disembarked started to walk away and the undercarriage collapsed. It was there for months.
Got bitten by a Silver Krate snake going to the beach in the company of Dave our Army Jungle Warfare Instructor who managed to get me back to sick bay. Long story short they thought I'd be the newest member of the War Graves Cemetary on Labuan. Remember coming around some days later and frightened our medic .. Donaghue. Met Dave in Malta who told me the complete story. They sewed me into the bed blankets, thrashing, going hot and cold, when too hot soaked the blankets in water, too cold more blankets. Everyone sworn to secrecy once I was out of sick bay just in case the shock would finish me. Great lads, great time just 28 of us there to close the Station.

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