Unit History: RAF Gutersloh

RAF Gutersloh
The former Royal Air Force Station Gutersloh, more commonly known as RAF Gutersloh, was a Royal Air Force Germany airbase, the nearest Royal Air Force air base to the East/West German border. It was constructed by the Germans prior to World War II. The base was captured by the Americans in April 1945 it was handed over to the RAF in June 1945 as Headquarters No. 2 Group RAF.
During its history as an RAF base, it was home to two squadrons of the English Electric Lightning F2/F2A - No. 92 Squadron RAF and No. 19 Squadron RAF from 1968 to 1976. It then became home to No. 3 Squadron RAF and No. 4 Squadron RAF flying successive variants of the BAe Harrier. After the Harriers left, the RAF continued to operate helicopters, No. 18 Squadron RAF with the Boeing Chinook and No. 230 Squadron RAF with the Puma HC1.
18 squadron Wessex left R.A.F Odham in 1969 for R.A.F. Gutersloh and disbanded in 1980 when 230 squadron took over
Date Disbanded: 1980

Memories of RAF Gutersloh

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

raf gutersloh mtsf paintshop in 1979

Written by michael [mick]coriam]

hi anybody out there from raf gutersloh paintshop mtsf 1979/81.r u there harry gillick,tony wilmore carl montgomery[monty]tex houston.plus the civvie guys tommy stevenson,geordie,simon.hope to here from someone,great times.

RAF Gutersloh/RAF St. Athan in 1975

Written by Derek Hicks

See Service History in my Profile

Air Traffic Control, RAF Gutersloh in 1997

Written by barry woodward

WO JT laughed uproariously when I asked to go to Medics for op to remove a Cyst. "Whatever will they do when they cut your head open and find it empty?" He chortled. "Promote me to WO" I replied. He was very unhappy.
Teaching Adrian Needham to play Chess during long night shifts. He was the only Officer who insisted on staying awake all night. Respect.
Working at Bertelsmanns with Jim Parr and cutting up old German military calendars to frame and sell. Jim and Patricia lived within sight of the Cinema and Pat wanted Jim to take her there. (It was the EROS cinema)

RAF Gutersloh, in 1966

Written by nicholas Price

England win the World Cup. RAF Gutersloh my favourite station of all time. I was an air mover working in the Joint Services Air Movements Unit. For the World Cup Final we set up the passenger lounge similar to a cinema. There were as many Germans watching the television as there were english service men. The atmosphere was electric, imagine the deep satisfaction at looking at all those sad german faces and the delighted English making the most of it, when Geoff Hurst scored that winning goal. I write this today 26th Aug 2010, a couple of weeks ago my wife and I were in the Cafe on Cheltenham railway station. Guess what there was Geoff Hurst just sat there having a coffee, my wife had to restrain me from bothering him, I just felt I wanted tell him all about the above. I expect Geoff was greatfull not to be bothered ! I

RAF Gutersloh in 2011

Written by Mick Graylen

Attached to 63 Sqdn RAF Regt as Technician working on Rapier SAM System

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