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Unit History: RAF Bawdsey

RAF Bawdsey
RAF Bawdsey was an RAF base situated in Suffolk, England.
Based at Bawdsey Manor
Radar Station and radar development station
Main units: -
No 2711 Sqn RAF Regiment
No 5 Radio School (10 Oct 1946 - 20 Jun 1950)
School of Control and Reporting (6 Jan 1964 - 1 Oct 1968)
School of Fighter Control (1 Oct 1968 - 31 Oct 1974)
ā€™Cā€™ Flt, 85 Sqn (19 Dec 1975 - 1 Dec 1990)

Memories of RAF Bawdsey

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

, RAF Bawdsey in 1970

Written by Peter Hagendyk

This was Kim & Marilyn Hassell’s wedding. We all travelled to Torquay for it.

RAF Bawdsey, in 1964

Written by Douglas Stevens

I have warm feelings when I think about my old friends at Bawdsey in the crews and the rugby team. Longing to contact you especially Julia Palmer.
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Active From: 1937 - 1991

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