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Unit History: RAF Aldergrove

RAF Aldergrove
RAF Aldergrove first opened in 1918 but was not designated as an operational RAF station until 1925. Aldergrove’s location made it an important station during the Second World War of RAF Coastal Command in the Battle of the Atlantic. From the base long range reconnaissance aircraft were able to patrol the Eastern Atlantic for U-Boats.
Aldergrove was designated as a dispersal airfield for the RAF’s V bomber force in the 1950s and was included in a reduced list of 26 airfields in 1962. In 1968 a maintenance unit (No.23 MU) for the F-4 Phantom in RAF service was established at Aldergrove, with 116 aircraft passing through on their way to front line service.
No. 72 Squadron operated Puma and Wessex helicopters from Aldergrove from 1991 until its disbandment in 2002.

Memories of RAF Aldergrove

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)


Written by david roy griffiths

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Active From: 1918 - 2002

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