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Unit History: RAF Abingdon

RAF Abingdon
The base was opened in 1932, initially as a training station for RAF Bomber Command. It continued in this role through World War II. From 1940 to 1942, Abingdon’s station commander was Herbert Massey.
After World War II RAF Abingdon became part of RAF Transport Command, and also the home of 1 Parachute Training School. On 14 June 1968 a royal review was conducted at RAF Abingdon by Queen Elizabeth II to mark the 50th anniversary of the RAF
The station was closed in December 1992. It was taken over by the British Army and renamed Dalton Barracks

Memories of RAF Abingdon

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Abingdon MT Section in 1975

Written by Tam Mallon

The closeness and dear friendship of all those friends I remember. I know there must be some of the old squad wondering what has happened to their old buddies. So come on guys n gals, in this age of the internet we must be able to contact each other.

RAF Abingdon, in 1968

Written by Arthur Mace

The WAR in Anguilla, OMG, what a waist of money but what a grand time we had in Antigua, IT WAS RUFF RUFF RUFF-lol.
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Active From: 1932 - 1992

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