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Memories of Infantry

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

junior infantry battalion shorncliff in 1968


I joined in april 68 as a 15yr old we were placed into different blocks my was Acoy light infantry and scottish reg we had a big sgt maj devon an dorset a good man. I left in dec 69 to join my reg 3li to which i spent 9 years.

HQ 17 Infantry Brigade, Gottingen, Germany in 1945

Written by Lawrence Fordham

Posted as a clerk from 2 Bn Royal West Kents who were at the time based at Mechelen in Belgium awaiting deployment to BAOR. The main office was located in a large house requisitioned by the army in Herbergerlandstrasse, and we were billetted in the same building next to a Kindergarten which was run by a rather nice fraulein!.Met up with other squaddies who had been with the unit for some time, having taken part in the invasion of Sicily. Couple of nice canteens in the town, the Toc H and Church of Scotland where we used to gather in the evenings or when we were off duty - unless, like me, you had other interests to occupy your time! Later we moved location to Goslar in the Harz Mountains, where there were opportunities to ride, ski, or go on a boar hunt, duties permitting!

Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion Shorncliff in 2002

Written by John Baker

09 August 1979 - 120 young men at the gate - down to 100 by the time we got our bed space - In C Coy (Corona). Light Division with a few Jocks thrown in for fun - until we realised our platoon commander was black watch - and platoon Sgt was well big and black (non racist remark) Sgt Knight RGJ. being a large establishment I find it hard that there are know reunions - times were hard - cant do the CFT route no more the Euro line is in the way - anyhow 120 young men day one week one 18 to pass out one year later - did it do us any harm - could we afford to do the same nowdays? a Wavel Platoon Survivor

R.A.O.C attached too School Infantry in 1964

Written by william moon

I would iove too get in touch with Dave mellor from Hendnesford Harry masters from Southhampton Dave foster and Paul robertshaw from Manchester John finer Stoke and Alan webster. Warminster was agood posting plenty of boozing in the Bell .Iwould like too thank Ray and Pat Phillips for there hospitality.Ray was from Devon and Pat from South wales,they lived in married quarters Do theese names ring a bell with anyone,you may have served with them somewhere else.

Infantry Junior Leaders Regiment in 1974

Written by Roger Ashcroft

My most memorable time in my service was the time spent on "Tac Wing" at IJLB Oswestry.Working along side Graham Dee who went on to become "QM" of the our own Regiment 1QLR,the training we carried out was of the highest standard and we often won the best Platoon award, It was a special time when we sent out young men to join there own Battalions knowing that we had contributed to the future of the Army,it would have been nice to see how they progressed in there service.

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