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Memories of Hussars

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

1950 Lubeck 15/19 Hussars in 2002

Written by Robert Garvan

A Squadron 15/19 KRH Posted to Lubeck BAOR .From Gosport 1949

10th Royal Hussars, A squadron, BFPO58 in 1956

Written by norman lake

Does anyone remeber the visit of Brigadier General Dorney C in C Middle East Land Forces, when Jock Muir decidied he was waiting no longer and dived into one of the static water tanks, which were around the camp in Aquaba?
The scrap when newly promoted Lance Corporal Love decidied we would carry a besa machine gun from the tank park to our tents to clean them. We had always carried one between two, but he decided one each. We refused and threw him in the static water tank. He returned later with thye rest of 3rd troop to try and get 4 of us into the water tanks. He didn't suceed !!!! WHAT A FIGHT!!!!!

15/19 The Kings Royal Hussars, in 1957

Written by fred pascoe

PERLA GIBSON known as " the lady in white " an opera singer who sang us into port as we came in to dock at durban in may 1957 on our way home from malaya.she had sang to every british troopship since world war 2. anyone remember? fred

15/19 The Kings Royal Hussars, in 2010

Written by dirk

I am here to find my best friend "Spike" Malcolm he joined the Army in Germany, Royal Hussars. I know that he comes from Edingburgh,he was my best friend all over the years. I lost him after his regiment went (maybe) to the falklands. Never seen him again....i feel so sad ...try now over 25 years to find him,no luck,is there anyone who knows him???I leave now in england....pls let me know if you have any idea..He is 5.9 ft ,slim ,age by 52 to 55 he makes a special training in sonthofen,germany as an ranger? with skiing, many thanks

15/19 The Kings Royal Hussars, in 2010

Written by dirk

I am here to find my friend Malcolm "Spike" He was my best friend.He was a soldier from scotland joined the Kings Royal Husars in Paderborn Schloss Neuhaus/Germany from 1979 to 1984? He comes from Edingborough,i don’t know his surname.I search now 25 years to find him,please help if you know something about him,maybe he went to the falklands,Where is my friend spike?Many Thanks
Search of 25 years for my friend spike
Search 25 years to find my friend Spike

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