Unit History: HMS Eagle

HMS Eagle

Memories of HMS Eagle

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

malta visit HMS Eagle in 1971

Written by les daniels(danny)

what a great time had by all ,my fiance came for three weeks we toured the island with the ships country & western group does any one know where they are now?.I'm also trying to contact an old friend Eddie Jones (scouse) he married a plymouth lass called Janet Norman from stonehouse my rank was MEM.

HMS Eagle, Suez in 1956

Written by James C Townson

Locked in Lower Hanger when aircraft exploded in forward end. Unloading aircraft of ammunition.

HMS Eagle, in 1965

"Psycho" Deacon !

HMS EAGLE in 1966

Written by JOHN ELLIS

The Bieara patrol 72 days at sea stopping oil tankers taking oil into South Africa.The JOANNA V being the the main culprit

HMS EAGLE in 2011

Written by john

We were anchored in MOMBASA the day of the world cup final .The ships sparkys had the match on in the radio room They were shouting the scores down as they happened When the final whistle went our ships siren let rip along with several other british ships it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!!!!!!!

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