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Unit History: 104 Squadron - RAF

104 Squadron - RAF
Originally designated as 104 Squadron within Number 6 group, it merged with 108 Squadron to become Number 13 OTU on 8/4/40.
Reformed at Driffield on 1/4/41 serving as a night bomber squadron until October 1941.
Served in Malta with distinction and later Egypt in 1941-2 whilst designated as 158 Squadron then redesignated to 104 Squadron on 31/1/42.
Served the rest of WWII in the mediterannean theatre of operations, flying Wellingtons until it converted to Liberators on 27/2/45.
Squadron disbanded 1/4/47
Aircraft flown during existence:
Blenheim I
Blenheim IV
Anson I
Wellington II
Wellington X
Liberator VI
Service stations (some gaps)
May 1938-18 September 1939: Bassingbourn
18 September 1939-8 April 1940: Bicester
1 April 1941-14 February 1942: Driffield
17 October 1941: Detachment to Luqa (Malta)
3 January 1942-19 May 1942: Kabrit (Egypt)
6-14 February 1943: Soluch
14 February-27 May 1943: Gardabia Main
27 May-24 June 1943: Kairouan/ Cheria
24 June-18 November 1943: Hani West
18 November-14 December 1943: Oudna
14-30 December 1943: Cerignola
30 December 1943-20 October 1945: Foggia Main
The squadron reformed later in 1955 at Gutersloh flying Canberras and disbanded on 24/5/63
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Active From: 1917 - 1963

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