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Suffolk Yeomanry

Suffolk Yeomanry during the Boer War

The Suffolk Yeomanry was raised in 1793 as the Loyal Suffolk Hussars, later renamed to The Duke of Yorks Own Loyal Suffolk Hussars and was a unit of the British Army from 1793 – 1961.

As volunteer cavalry, during the French Revolutionary Wars. The Suffolk Yeomanry fought in the Boer war as part of the Imperial Yeomanry.

In 1908 the Regiment was headquartered at Bury St Edmunds with the squadrons being headquartered in the following locations:

HQ Sqn: Bury St Edmunds
A Sqn: Cambridge (with a drill station at Ely)
B Sqn: Bury St Edmunds (Eye, Thetford, Sudbury and Stowmarket)
C Sqn: Ipswich (Felixstowe, Framlingham and Woodbridge)
D Sqn: Beccles (Bungay, Halesworth, Lowestoft and Leiston).

Suffolk Yeomanry during WW1

1/1st Suffolk Yeomanry

The original “First or Front Line Regiment”, August 1914 moved with 1st Eastern Mounted Brigade, part of the 1st Mounted Division, to Woodbridge in Suffolk.

Then in July the following year the regiment moved on to Leiston, Suffolk, on 25 September of 1915, the Regiment Dismounted and sailed on SS 'Olympic' from Liverpool for service at Gallipoli. Arriving on Anzac Cove in October 1915 and came under the command of 54th (East Anglian) Division.

In December 1915, the unit was evacuated to Egypt from Gallipol and remained there until 22 February 1916. Eastern and Southern Mounted Brigades formed 3rd Dismounted Brigade and the Regiment took up defensive positions on the Suez Canal until l July 1916, the Regiment then relocates to join the Western Frontier Force.

On the 5 January 1917 the regiment converts to infantry and becomes the 15th (Suffolk Yeomanry) Battalion of the Suffolk Regiment. On the 1st May the newly titled regiment embarks in Alexandria and by the 7th May 1918 the Regiment arrives at Marseilles for service in France and is attached to 230th Brigade in 74th (Yeomanry) Division,


Formed as a Second-Line regiment in September 1914 and remained at home throughout the war.
From from January 1915 the Regiment comes under the command of 2/1st Eastern Mounted Brigade and moves to Ely, Norfolk.
During March 1916 the Eastern Mounted Brigade re-titles to 13th Mounted Brigade, and is under command of 4th Mounted Division at Wivenhoe, 3 miles south east of Colchester. The Regiment then re-roles to a cyclist unit during July 1916 and is under the command of 5th Cyclist Brigade.

In November 1916 the Regiment is merged with 2/1st Norfolk Yeomanry to form 7th (Suffolk and Norfolk) Yeomanry Cyclist Regiment and change brigades to come under command of the 3rd Cyclist Brigade. In March 1917 the Regiment re-titles again back to its original identity but remains in the same Brigade, they then move to Woodbridge in July 1917.

The Regiment then moves to Ireland in May 1918.


Formed as a Third-Line training unit in 1915. By 1916 the Regiment is dismounted and attached to 3rd Line groups of the East Anglian Division at Halton Park, Tring, in 1917 the Regiment is disbanded with some troops being dispersed to 2/1st Regiment and the remainder to 4th Reserve Battalion of the Suffolk Regiment.

Suffolk Yeomanry during WW2

The Regiment is merged prior to WW2 with the Norfolk Yeomanry to form 55 Anti Tank Regiment Royal Artillery, serving in this role during the Second World War North Africa, Italy and France.

55 (Loyal Suffolk Hussars) Anti Tank Regiment:217 Battery-218 Battery-219 Battery-220 Battery
Artillery pieces used: 6 pounders 17 ponders-Valentines, here are a few extracts from their War Diaries for 1944 - 45

31 October 1944: Regimental Head Quarters (RHQ) established at Roosendaal

2 November 1944: B Troop (Tp) 217 Battery (Bty) in support of 56 Brigade (Bde).

3 November 1944: K Troop 220 Battery fired in field role on to Dinteloord.

4 November 1944: 17 Pounder (pdr) Valentines arrivedin CDS Celegem Antwerp area for the Regiment, Second In Command (2IC) organized training (trg) camp for conversion trg.

5 November 1944: Warning order received for Diviasion (Div) move to Eindhoven area, 12 17pounders and 12 Quads withdrawn from batteries, 17 pounder Troops (tps) established (est) Celegem for trg.

8 November 1944: Commanding Officer (CO) attended High mass in honour of British and Canadian (Cdn) trp fallen in liberation of Roosendaal, 219 Battery moved with their Bde to Eindhoven area.

13 November 1944: 1 Troop Valentines SP moved from Celegem to 219 Battery location Schoordijk.

14 November 1944: RHQ at Weert, 220 Battery at Loo.

15 November 1944: 217 Battery est Achtersten, Valentines moved from Celegem to battery area. Scale of ammunition for SPs estimated 16HE amd 33APCBC desirable scale of 90 rounds per towed gun reduced by 8 (HE) which will be carried in Tp transport (tpt) of SP tp as carrying racks of SPs is 39 rounds.

19 November 1944: Tactical (Tac) RHQ at Nederweert.

20 November 1944: RHQ and 217 Battery moved to Beringen area. Followed by 220 Battery next day.

24 November 1944: RHQ moved to Panningen

25 November 1944: 220 Battery est Sevenum

28 November 1944: Advance (Adv) parties left Panningen for Nijmegen

29 November 1944: RHQ est Nijmegen together with 219 Battery.

30 November 1944: 218 Battery moved to Nijmegen barracks

1 December 1944: RHQ moved to "The Island" Ewijk area.

2 December 1944: 220 Bty arrived Nijmegen - quartered in the barracks.

3 December 1944: RHQ moved back to Nijmegen barracks, 217 Battery evacuated "The Island" billeted in private houses.

5 December 1944: 219 Battery less TAC/Battery HQ (BHQ) and G Trp less 2 guns evacuated to "The Island". Quartered in NE area of Nijmegen.

6 December 1944: Div Comd spoke to the Officers and senior NCOs at Infantry barracks at 1615 hrs. 219 Battery moved to Ewijk area.

7 December 1944: A further 6 pounder gun withdraw from the Island, Lt Howie vice Lt Lott as Tp Comd G Tp 219 Battery.

8 December 1944: Draft of 4 Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and 20 Other Ranks (ORs) supplied to Infantry. Lt Lott attended (attd) to 147 Bde HQ as Liaison Officer (LO).

9 December 1944: Regiment assist in defence of Nijmegen barracks by manning listening post and supplying 2 guards for both Forts.

10 December 1944: Regiment assist in further defence of Nijmegen Bridge and river area by manning 12 Searchlight Battery and deploying Tp of 17 pounders. Party of 1 Driver (Dvr) and NCO left at RHQ to fetch "found"15cwt.

11 December 1944: D Tp SP Valentines moved to Megen to demonstrate for 61 Anti Tank (A/T) Regiment.

24 December 1944: 2 Tps under command 49 Recce Regt "Druten" Captain Q.M. reported enemy airmen at large in Ewijk area, interpreter traced clues and obtained from local farmers description. Extensive search made and parachute found.

26 December 1944: 219 Battery relieved 218 Battery on Nijmegen Bridge, enemy airman found in Weurt area.

28 December 1944: 218 Towed 17pr Tp relieved 220 SP Tp under Command (Comd) Recce, Druten.

1 January 1945: Operational Instruction (Instr) No.1 for static defence against airborne op of Nijmegen Barracks issued by RHQ. 217 Bty fired 17 prs towed in Field Role at Druten.

2 January 1945: 220 Bty relieved 219 Bty Nijmegen Bridge. GOC presented C-in-C's certificates to Capt Chappell (186488) R.A., Lieut AHL Eccles (296844) R.A. Bdr Sparrow, Bdr Coverdale, Gnr Walker in Gymnasium Colonial Barracks. Co-ordination Conference held at RHQ for Operation Order No.1 for units quartered in Barracks.

3 January 1945: 218 Bty, E Tp assumed responsbility for West Boom, operating 4 Lyon Lights and covering boom with S.A. 'D' & 'F' Tps located Druten.

4 January 1945: Suff Yeomanry v 75 Field (Fd) Regiment (Regt) in Fina of Divisional RA Football Competition. Result 4 all - after playing extra time.

6 January 1945: 219 Bty under comd 147 Bde. Col King 21 Army Group (Gp) (D.A.F.V.T.) visitid Regt, reference Questionnaire on SPs, discussed at Roosendaal and later forwarded to his HQ.

7 January 1945: 'D' & 'F' Tps 218 Bty fire indirect Role on Bty target (Druten gun positions (Posns).

9 January 1945: Replay of RA Div Final Football Competition arranged 1430 hrs postponed owing to weather.

10 January 1945: 217 Bty moved to W Barracks.

13 January 1945: 217 Bty relieved 220 Bty Nijmegen Bridge. Loaned Dial Sights & Fd Clinos to A/Tk Regt 2 Cdn for instruction on Indirect Shooting.

14 January 1945: Church Service in Div Church 1100hrs.

15 January 1945: Conference Commander Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (CRÈME) HQ, Electrical Mechanical Engineer (EME) attached, stated Regtl Point of view re Generator Situation for 'Lights' at both Bridge (Br) and Boom.

16 January 1945: Capt Parlett 'G' Capt 217 Bty attended Lommel Range to assist 2 Glos (56 Bde) to zero 6 - 6pr guns. Combination of fog which cleared by 1200hrs and bad organisation on the part of Range Personnel, shoot was confined to firing 6pr HE and zeroing was no possible. Capt Parlett submitted complaint to RHQ which was fwded to HQ RA.

18 January 1945: 49 Recce Regt OP Instr. No. 7 received. 218 Bty in sup F Tp and D Tp. Role to support whole sector or one tp to support each sector.
Regt submitted request to HQ RA that the Bdr allowed in 17 pr Tp HQ on WE EU/173/1 is not essential but that as the WE allowed only NCO of the rank of L/Bdr to be 2IC of the gun there should be a full Bdr to take comd in the event of the No. 1 becoming a casualty. CRA supported this representation and letter dated 16 Jan fwded to A Rear 49 Div. 218 Bty Tp engaged house.

19 January 1945: 220 Bty ordered at 0830 hrs to support BROCKFORCE on Nijmegen Bridge upon release of coy from 2 Glos under orders to move to support 1 Leics who had been counterattacked at Zetten. Reported to HQ RA, Bty on posn at 1230hrs.
On instigation of 'A' Rear Div, Col enumerated in a letter the details supporting his argument that 2IC of 17pr gun towed an 17pdr gun SP should be a Bdr. Letter sent to A Rear Div 20 Jan.

20 January 1945: Operation 'Alpha' postponed 48hrs 218 Bty under comd Recce ordered to stay and their relief by 217 Bty postponed.

22 January 1945: Ex 'Alpha' postponed.4 Lyon lights now positioned 'L' bank of River Waal. Court of Enquiry convened-RHQ-to investigate damage caused to a Lyon Light.

23 January 1945: Nijmegen Rifle Range-Riflemen RHQ, TCV PL and LAD fired. 217 Bty relieved 218 Bty. Task W Boom defence from S Bank only. B & A Tps took over F&D Tp Billets Druten.

24 January 1945: 49 (WR) Inf Div Op Instr 82-220 Bty to be relieved by one coy gp (Lincs) on 26 Jan.

25 January 1945: Audit Board for Regtl and Bty A/Cs up to 31 Dec 44 held RHQ. President - Capt Compston, other members Lieut WGD Clarke and Lieut ESB Skinner.
Office 220 Bty attended demonstration Lommel of 17pr DS and Heat Amn. Col Howard and Capt Porter (Ramt School, RHYL) visited Regt to obtain Technical Information of 17pr SP Valentines. Informed via RA that Regtl Accn in Barracks had to be surrendered. Appreciated bty manning Lyon Lights Nijmegen Bridge must remain billetted in Nijmegen. Bty at rest and Ech of Bty in inf role to find new accn. RA suggested Deest.

26 January 1945: 220 Bty relieved 219 Bty and manned the following positions coy HQ. 219 Bty temporarily billitted in Barracks. 217 Bty fired in Fd role at 1415hrs.

27 January 1945: 220 Bty position reorganised.
At 2000 hrs Sgt Halford at Stdg Patrol reported to Bty HQ movement of Tracks or train heard in 'N' direction. BC informs Bde at 2400 hrs. Tp Comd further enquired of Sgt Halford ref warning of tracks and was told that the noise was caused by an overladen pram on which patrols' blankets were being brougt fwd. 1451093 Bdr A.R. Purkiss and 1432260 Gnr. T. Sudron (220 Bty) killed by former treading on 75 Grenade Necklace.
Major Lockett sat as chairman on Finalising Board Football Committee 1st Cdn Army Tilburg.

28 January 1945: At request of RA, Observations and suggested additions to WE E QPT considered and report submitted.

29 January 1945: AOP observed and corrected fire of A/Tk Arty on houses Opheusden (217 Bty).

30 January 1945: RHQ, 219, TCV LAD changed locations. 219 Bty took over from 218 Bty Lyon Lights Nijmegen Bridge.
217 Bty 'A' & 'B' Tps continue practice under 49 Recce Regt OP Officer in 'Indirect fire'.

1 February 1945: Lt. E. Skinner (293663) RA posted to HQ 49 (WR) Inf Div in capacity of a Staff Leaner.

2 February 1945: Capt FH Whyman (259013) REME posted to No. 3 AFV Servicing Unit, Eindhoven. 4 new Generators taken on loan charge from OFP and indents for 4 further new ones submitted.

3 February 1945: Flying Boms crashed. WD vehicles sustained slight damage but no personnel injured. Extensive damage to civilian property. 12 civilians killed 6 wounded. 218 Bty assisted through night and day in rescue work.

4 February 1945: 'B' Tp 217 Bty engaged enemy 'B' vehicle with 'AP' and 'HE'. Result unobserved as vehicle disappeared 'N' of Bund. 3 RPG 'Sabot' issued for Ops to each 17 pdr gun. 217 Bty collected from 3 Cdn CDS Valentine Charger for 17pr SP Tp. Copies of new WEs received.

5 February 1945: 6 pdr gun, Sl & Generator Units party submerged by sudden rise in the river level. Capt. Parlett (217 Bty) supervised A/Tk Pls 56 Inf Bde Bns - zero at Lommel Range.

6 February 1945: Wireless Station supplied by RHQ to TCV Pl. 217 Bty fired 'indirect' and 'direct' shoots at Druten.

7 February 1945: Working party of 40 men provided by 218 Bty for road mending. Wireless station to operate with TCV Pl Section until further notice.

8 February 1945: Flying Bomb destroyed 218 Bty Officers Mess at approx 1400 hrs. Major The Viscount Elveden, Gnrs Stiles and Taylor crushed to death by weight of debris. Lt. H. Corthorn (304544) REME posted to this Regt as OC LAD (EME).

9 February 1945: Following charge round took place 218 relieved 220 Bty, 217 relieved 219 Bty. 220 Bty at rest. Major Jaine (OC Recce OP Org) commenced training 219 Bty 17 prd Gun Det in 'Indirect Fire'.

10 February 1945: 218 Bty and 219 Bty equipped in ordnance as for new WE EU/236/1-2 - 17pdr Towed Tps and 1 SP 17pdr Valentine. Major Whitehead posted to this Unit as OC 218 Bty.

11 February 1945: Major, The Viscount Elveden, Gnrs Stiles en Taylor were buried at 1200 hrs, Div Cemetry, Nijmegen. Corps advised Major Whitehead vacancy in 128 Fd Regt for BC. Major Whitehead accepted. Scaling of amn for 17pdr guns discussed between CRA and CO. Following adopted - 10 DS, 30 APCBC, 20 HE rpg.

12 February 1945: Representative from SHAEF visited site of Flying Bomb crash at Deest to investigate whether the crash was deliberate attack on fwd areas or accidental.

13 February 1945: Dial Sight No.9 fitted on Sight Bracket No.5 found to be ineffective because gun shield obscures line of sight. CREME seen by Col of Regt with a view to modification to Gun Shield being authorised. 6 Officers attended lecture at HQ RA on "The Light Division". SCRA was the lecturer.

14 February 1945: Allocation for MARCH UK Leave received - 9 Offrs & 15 ORs. RHQ personnel fired automatic and SA Weapons at Deest.

15 February 1945: 74 Fd v Suff Yeo in final of Div RA Football Competition. Result: - 74 Fd - 4, Suffolk Yeo -,2.
Lt-Col BS Gooch presented prizes to the winning team. Major Whitehead returned from 128 Fd Regt RA, his posting order being annulled by Corps, agreeing to promotion within 128 Fd Regt.

16 February 1945: CO attended CRAs conference at 1000hrs HQ RA. Operation Order 'JOCK' received. 219 Bty 2-17pr towed tps to fire harrassing fire night of 18/19. Capt Parlett (217 Bty) assisted 56 Bde at Lommel Range - 6pdr firing. Release certificate for 5 17pr Valentines SP received.

17 February 1945: C-in-C Field Marshal Sir B. Montgomery addressed men of 218 Bty and certain memberts of TCV Pl at Elst 1200hrs.
Major T.B. Whitehead posted to this Regt and appt BC 218 Bty. Conference held at RHQ (BCs and CO No.2 Coy Sigs) to decide Wireless Layout in view of new Establishment.

18 February 1945: 4 Dvr/Operators left RHQ for Course 9, Cat 'A' Catterick, assembling 22 Feb and dispersing 5 Apr 45.

19 February 1945: Application made to 8 tptrs co carry SP 17pdr to Lommel Range on 24 Feb made to 2 Cdn Corps. Arrangements made through 2 Cdn Corps for relief of "BROCKFORCE" - Defende of Nijmegen Bridge. Bty from 2 Cdn Corps A/Tk Regt to be under comd this Regt. Dat not yet known.

23 February 1945: 220 Bty Adv party moved to Malden - new training area.

24 February 1945: 74 Bty 2 Cdn Corps A/Tk Regt relieved 218 Bty at Elst.

25 February 1945: At Lommel Range - 17 pdr SP Valentine Guns zeroed.

26 February 1945: Regtl Football XI beat Glosters XI 4-0 in first round Div Football Competition.

27 February 1945: Short wireless Course for Beginners organised by H Sec, Sigs at HQ 49 (WR) Inf Div. 15 Trainees from Regt attended.

28 February 1945: 220 Bty concentrated at Malden for Bty and Tp Traning.

2 March 1945: Following letter fwded by Battery Commander (BC) 218 Bty.

3 March 1945: 'B' Tp 217 Bty carried out a direct shoot-Dun posn. Target enemy occupied houses. Several direct hits observed by OP at Bemmel Church.
Div Football Competition 2nd Round - Div HQ 2, Suff Yeo 5.

4 March 1945: Restriction put on "Indirect Firing" practice owing to shortage of 17 pdr HE. 220 Bty allotted 10 Rounds Per Gun (rpg) for training purposes.

5 March 1945: 219 & 218 Btys switched locations. Loan of £20 to 49 Div Gunners Club repaid upon 'closing down' of the Club. Div Football Competition 3rd round, 69 Fd 4 - Suff Yeo 3.

6 March 1945: Exercise SPLEEN - Instruction prepared and distributed.

7 March 1945: Query from Lt-Col WS King AFV (Tech) Rear HQ, 21 A Gp BLA. Anti-Tank SP Sights: - (1) Have you now fitted Central Laying. Sights to towed and SP Guns? (2) If so, can you say whether/laying or Graticule Laying is best for easy shooting?

8 March 1945: Ref Telescopes No.51 Mk I S and No.51 Mk 1 SLC. Preferred No.51 Mk 1 S to No.51 Mk 1 SLC which is now fitted. Tp Comd suggests ¼ lead graticules be left out of Telescopes as they are seldom used and have tendency to confuse the layer. When ¼ lead is necessary it can easily be put on by the lead deflection drum, the layer then laying at zero (218 Bty observations). Raid by C Sqn 49 (WR) Recce sp by SP Tp of 218 Bty.

9 March 1945: Conference EX SPLEEN held at Town Major's Office Nijmegen 1030 hrs and 1230 hrs.

10 March 1945: Preliminary rehearsel of Ex SPLEEN. Lt-Col BS Gooch and Major West, OC No.3 Coy sponsored the Scheme.

11 March 1945: Full Rehearsel of Ex SPLEEN. GOC 49(WR) Inf Div and 'G' Staff attended 1100 hrs.

12 March 1945: 217 Bty vice 74 Bty Cdn 6 A/Tk Regt RA. 220 vice 219 Bty Nijmegen Bridge Lights - Locations unchanged. 74 Bty 6 Cdn A/Tk Regt Batenburg. Major Toms proceeded to Alost (nr. Brussels) to train A/Tk Regt in Tactical use of SP 17pdr Valentines.

13 March 1945: CRA Brig. Buggins Brunker accepted invitation of CO to a small farewell ceremony at RHQ Offrs Mess.

14 March 1945: 220 Bty moved from Malden to Ewijk. Trg in 'Indirect Fire' postponed one day. Letter of farewell received from Brig. CHM Brunker CRA 49(WR) Inf Div.

16 March 1945: 49(WR) Recce Regtl Comd liaised with CO reference Ex Spleen. Recce Regt understudying in case they assume our Role.

17 March 1945: Ex Crib Instruction issued.
220 Bty carried out practice shoot (K Tp) Druten. New CRA came to inspect an S.P. Recce made by 219 Bty of W & E Forts Posns with a view to manning them with 17pdrs.

18 March 1945: 219 Bty vice 220 Bty Nijmegen Bridge. No change of locations. Application for Lommel Range 26th Mar. Major Toms returned from Alost where he had instructed 52 A/Tk Regt in use of 17 pdr Valentines.

19 March 1945: Wireless Ex Crib held. W/Stns -3- 218 Bty, 5-219 Bty each sank 3 ships. Conference for all COs Div HQ RA at 1430hrs. 220 Bty under instruction Major Jaine (Recce OP) indirect firing. 219 Bty relieved guns of 74 aa Bde in East Fort with 2-17pdrs towed.

20 March 1945: RHQ took part in Ex to move Div HQ. RHQ est 1100 hrs. New CRA visited Regtl HQ to be put into the picture by CO of Regtl Officers and Regtl Lay Out.

21 March 1945: Authy 21 AGp received for appt of Tech Adjt. Capt. GB Taylor (235801) RA absorbed in this capacity. 218 Bty reported that at 1815Ahrs one hostile enemy aircraft (probably ME 109) approached from NW direction and machine gunned Leeuwen. Over Puiflijk unsuccessful attack made on A.O.P. Enemy aircraft then disappeared in East-South-East direction. CO attended conference at HQ RA 49(WR) Inf Div 1900hrs.

22 March 1945: Unit Rep engaged Lommel Range for Zeroing 29th March.

23 March 1945: BCs Conference RHQ 1800hrs. Agenda-(a) Trg (b) selection of 4 W/Sgts for return to 31 RHU permitted on grounds of letter written 10 Mar. e.g. sgts trained on towed guns posted to replace P/A/Sgts well trained on SPs.

24 March 1945: Major Biss visited unit to obtain details of WOSB Selection Success from standard of officers in the field. SP Tp 218 Bty moved 2000 hrs to Lent remaining there in Div Reserve.

25 March 1945: SP Tp ceased to be in Div Res 1830hrs. CO attended Div Conference 1530hrs.

26 March 1945: Wireless Ex Triton - RHQ, 218 & 220 Btys took part. Following Regtl Inter-Bty postings - Capt. Halliwell 'G' Capt, 218 Bty apptd Adjt. Capt. AD Compston relinquished appt as Adjt and posten to 218 Bty as Capt 'G'. Capt. GB Taylor appt Tech Adjt. Gunners Club 49(WR) Inf Div re-opened and this Regtis organising and running club for a period of one month.

27 March 1945: Distance Judging Exercise with 5 SPs and all numbers one held 1700hrs.

28 March 1945: MGRA inspected 1 Sp Tp of 220 Bty at Druten 1700hrs. Conference of BCs and G Capts held RHQ 2030hrs, reference coming OPs. 219 Bty under comd 11 Cdn Inf Bde upon its relief of 56 Bde.

29 March 1945: 2 Belg Fus & BROCKFORCE passed from control of 147 Bde at 1500 hrs to Suffolk Yeo. HQ moved. 217 Bty assumed control of BROCKFORCE.

30 March 1945: 'A' Sqn 18 Cdn Armd Car Regt reverted to Corps Control - 4 Coy 2 Bel Fus moved dusk to occupy area vacated in tactical role. 218 Bty relieved 308 LAA Bty RA.

31 March 1945: Regtl Planning OP ANGER. 49(WR) Recce 'OP' unit attached Suffolk Yeo.

2 April 1945: In support of OP DESTROYER 220 Bty engaged FORT - CRUTCH Lek & Waal H + 130.

3 April 1945: Recce made in Huissen for Ferry Control Area. Proposed layout cancelled and Driel area substituted. 213 Coy Belg moved to Druten en Lent respectivily.

4 April 1945: 2IC 5 Br. Div A/Tk Regt attd 220 Bty. CO and 2IC recceed Driel area with a view to OP ANGER. Conference at Div HQ 0800 and 1500 hrs in connection with this OP. 1 & 4 Coys moved now under Comd Koyli. 218 Bty moved to Winssen. 218, 219 Btys reverted from 11 Cdn Inf Bde Control to 49 Div. Billetting areas for 219 Bty cancelled, and great difficulty found in finding new area. RHQ moved.

5 April 1945: Traffic Control Personnel assembled RHQ 1400hrs comprising A Sqn + half C Sqn 49(WR) Recce Regt-Sections 3 Coy Div Sigs - RE, CRASC, PRO, ADMS, Paries 217, 218, 219 Btys. Conference for briefing Town Major's Office Nijmegen. Men billetted St Hendrick's School, Nijmegen. Rear Ech RHQ left Afferden and joined Main RHQ Nijmegen.

6 April 1945: All Personnel on OP ANGER given second briefing 1700 hrs.

7 April 1945: Further briefing of all personnel for OP ANGER at 1000hrs. Officers i/c Assembly Area did Reccees in L.R.C. supplied by 49(WR) Recce Regt.

8 April 1945: Rest and maintenance. BROCKFORCE dissolved upon 49 (WR) Div release from protective duties Nijmegen Bridge. 217 Bty revert to Regt.

9 April 1945: BCs Conference at RHQ - planning in view of change of present plan. 218 and 219 Btys SP Tps in support of Bde 146 and 147 respectively. 220 Bty in Div reserve.

10 April 1945: 1 Sp Tp 218 Bty moved to Zevenaar.

11 April 1945: 2 SP Tps 220 Bty (Div Res) and 1 Tp 219 Bty moved. Traffic control organisation moved at 1600hrs, Westervoort area.

12 April 1945: Ferry Control - RHQ sustained veh casualties from mortaring CO's Jeep and 1-3 tonner.

13 April 1945: Ferry Control passed through Bridgehead 56 Bde less two Bns and part of 146 Bde. Organisation proved successful.

14 April 1945: RHQ moved 1600 hrs. Ferry Control HQ disbanded 1300 hrs and personnel joined respective units. Major Toms attending Regtl Comds Course LARKHILL.

15 April 1945: 217, 218 , 219 Btys less SP Tps deployed ad Inf with 147 Bde. 217 Bty in support of DWR, 218 in support Leicesters, 219 Bty in support RSF. RHQ moved to Arnhem.

16 April 1945: 220 Bty worked with Recce to area N & NW of Arnhem 'L' Tp moved to Ede area. K & M Tps going fwd first light 17 Apr.

17 April 1945: Btys less SP tps returned to comd of CRA. 220 Bty continued under comd of 49(WR) Recce Regt.

18 April 1945: 220 Bty under comd 49(WR) Recce component of Jock Column under Comd 1 Cdn Corps - Task North of line Apeldoorn - Deventer. Sups and Pol and Amn Adm arranged 2400hrs Night 18-19th. All available reduced change amn withdrawn from 217,218, 219 Btys for 220 Bty.

19 April 1945: RHQ, B Ech 217 & 218 B Ech moved from Arnhem remainder affiliated Bde Ech less 220 Bty who remained Arnhem. Btys released from RA Comd and returned to Bde Gps. Principle of this Org found to work better.

20 April 1945: 220 Bty less K Tp returned from N. Holland area. K Tp Elburg in anti E Boat Role.

21 April 1945: Within Div following A/Tk organisation adopted. Inf A/Tk Plns released for pure and simple infantry work. 8 of the 18x6 pdrs taken over by each RA Bty from its affiliated Bde. RoloBty now to deploy in FDLs in the role of Inf A/Tk Pl. 3 SP Gun Tp Bde res. 220 Bty remains as Div Res. 17pdr Guns of 217, 218, 219 Btys being pooled into Regtl Pool and guarded left Bn - 6pdrs joining the same pool. Once task in Holland completed Bns and A/Tk Regt to return to normal WE.

22 April 1945: 217, 218, 219 Btys each took over 8 x 6pdrs from their respective Bde and re-deployed in conformity to the new strength in Guns. BCs conference RHQ. Ageda (i) Allocation of May Leave Allotment (ii) Opening Gunners Club in Ede.

24 April 1945: 220 Bty L Tp still in sup of C Sqn. 220 Bty ordered to stand by at 1700 hrs in view of attack on Leicester Bn.

25 April 1945: 'M' Tp relieved L Tp 220 Bty uner command B Sqn Recce. Location unchanged.

26 April 1945: In Pursuance with "Cease Fire" understanding between Allied Army in Holland and the Bosche all firing prohibited by Tps except for DF.

27 April 1945: Court of Enquiry held at 219 Bty HQ to investigate cause and fix responsibility for a fire which completely destroyed a house at Elst.

28 April 1945: Commander Royal Artillery presented Commander-in-Chief certificates to Battery Sergeant Major Lovelace WH, Sgt J Halford, Sgt LA Bullman, Sgt RG Byford, Bombardier SR Wood, Gunner GB Alborough, Gnr PA Moss. A representative Regimental Parade was held at 1500hrs in LAD Yard Ede.

30 April 1945: Arrangements made of man Vedettes on the Harskamp Range. Regt manned 4 with Wireless Sets, 89 Light Anti Air manned 3. Officer detailed from each a/n Regts.

1 May 1945: Instruction as detailed in Range orders for 30 April carried out. Vedettes manned at 0830hrs and stood down 1800hrs BCs conference a RHQ. Agenda - future role of Division in event of surrender by the Boche forces in Holland.

4 May 1945: CO and BC 220 Bty recced Elbing - Barneveld area for A/T Range RWFs (56 Bde) 6pdr ordered to be zeroed under supervision of this Regt.
Surrender News heard at 2100hrs. Double Rum issue authorised.

5 May 1945: Regt concentrated and now in RA Bde Gp.

6 May 1945: Regts task allotted for Capitulation of German Tps: - Man 'Stop Line' against civilian movement East to West and vice verse: Line runs Sea River Eems - to bridge East of Amersfoort to Veenendaal to Nederrijn. Bty responsebilities - 220 to Excl Veenendaal. 219 incl Veenendaal to excl bridge. 218 incl bridge to excl bridge. 217 incl bridge to Sea.

7 May 1945: Sectors manned from East side of Grebbe Line. 217 HQ Hoevelaken. 218 Barneveld. 219 & 220 no change. Appended Trace of Position of Posts.

9 May 1945: RHQ & 217 Amersfoort. 219 Scherpenzeel. Civilian Security Line manned on West Side of Grebbe Line at 1600hrs. Rear Echelon Bennekom.

10 May 1945: BC 219 together with Burgomaster Veenendaal conducted Liberation Ceremonies. 3 Coy 1st National Dutch Bn ceased to be under Command. 1 & 2 Coys under Command 1 Coy 1 Pl 220 Bty, 2 Coy 219, 3 Coy 218 Bty. 2 Coy 1 Pl 218. HQ, 2 & 3 Pl 217 Bty.

13 May 1945: Representative from Regt attended Div Church Parade Domkerk Utrecht.

19 May 1945: 3 Cdn Div releaved 49 Div. 1 & 2 Coy 1st National Dutch Bn came under command 1st Bn Cameron H of Ottawa upon release of S.Y.

20 May 1945: Regt Conc Otterloo previous to RA Bde move to Osabruck area.

24 May 1945: Regt moved to Germany.

25 May 1945: Capt Swain apptd Unit Education Offr and joined RHQ staff.

28 May 1945: Regtl Ammunition Holdings handed in to A.D. Weert.

29 May 1945: Advance Parties sent to Dortmund area to arrange relief of 79 American Div.

30 May 1945: Q Conference RHQ to fix details of D.I.D for PW & DP Camps.

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