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Unit History: Inverallochy (Airfield)

Inverallochy (Airfield)
Originally built as a satellite airfield, The site at Inverallochy/cairnbulg was officially opened on 6th December 1941. The first aircraft to arrive were Swordfish Biplanes of 823 Squadron. In May 1942 Oxford training Aircraft were brought in for Training until the end of 1944 when Coastal Command took the site over. Coastal Command brought in Warwick’s for Air sea rescue duty, which was used to drop lifeboats by parachute to downed aircrews.
The remains of Fraserburgh Airfield can be found near Inverallochy, a few miles west of Fraserburgh, and built as a satellite of Peterhead Airfield. This was alternatively named as Cairnbulg Airfield or Inverallochy Airfield.
Dating from 1941, the airfield was known as X6FR, RAF Fraserburgh, or Inverallochy. It closed in 1945, but was used by the Aberdeen Gliding Club into the 1950s.
To the west, along the B9033 road, the remains of Inverallochy RAF Camp, which would have been associated with the airfield, can still be found.
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Active From: 1941 - 1945

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