Unit History: 4th Reconnaissance Regiment

4th Reconnaissance Regiment

4th Reconnaissance Regiment

Formed during the Second World War the Reconnaissance Corps, or Recce Corps, was a corps of the British Army. The Reconnaissance Corps was charged with gathering 'vital tactical information in a battle for infantry divisions'.

Primarily, coming from infantry units, reconnaissance units used the infantry designations of battalions, companies and platoons. However, from 6th June 1942, the Corps changed to the cavalry descriptions of regiments, squadrons and troops

4th Reconnaissance Regiment formed mainly from the anti-tank companies of the 10th, 11th and 12th Brigades of the 4th Division. Serving in Tunisia, April-May 1943; Italy, February-December 1944; withdrawn to Greece, January 1945.

On 1st January 1944, the Corps was officially absorbed into the Royal Armoured Corps, its regiments being styled thereafter as e.g. 4th Reconnaissance Regiment, R.A.C.

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