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Unit History: Cape Mounted Rifles

Cape Mounted Rifles
In August 1827 it was decided to make a change in the Cape Regiment. The infantry companies were abolished and the regiment was reorganized into a cavalry unit. The name was changed to the Cape Mounted Riflemen.
They were deployed in several operations and campaigns: the 6th Frontier War (1834-1835), the siege of Durban (1842), the 7th Frontier War (1846-1847), the 8th Frontier War (1850-1853), and the Basuto War 1850-1852.
In 1869 the Imperial Government decided, for reasons of economy, to reduce the garrison in the Cape Colony and the following year, in 1870, the Queen’s Regiment of Cape Mounted Riflemen was called to England to be disbanded.
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Active From: 1827 - 1870

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