Unit History: Royal Welch Fusiliers

Royal Welch Fusiliers
Was the 23rd Infantry division who were in Normandy, France in June and July 1944

Memories of Royal Welch Fusiliers

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Royal Welch Fusiliers, Military Band Malayan Campaign in 1953

Written by Clifford Davies

Playing "Beating the Retreat" in Singapore , our BM was Peter Cane, our sergeants were "Fido", Jock Lawson, Pop Davies, and Frank Taylor.
Playing at funeral of seven Fijian soldiers in 54.
One of the band adopting a stray dog which we christened "Septic" because it was in poor condition. We nursed it back to health on canteen scraps, and the animal was adopted by one of the lads in HQ when we were unable to take it back into Malaya.
Travelling into Berlin by train being guarded by Russian soldiers!!
Skiing course in Badhadsburg in the mountains and one of the lads broke a leg
Recordings of the band being made in Berlin for the American Forces network.

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