Unit History: Postal Courier Regiment

Postal Courier Regiment
88th Postal and Courier Regiment, Royal Logistics Corps, is a regiment of the Territorial Army in the United Kingdom.
The regiment was formed in the Royal Logistic Corps in 1993 with four squadrons. In 2006, two squadrons were disbanded and another two transferred in from 87th Postal and Courier Regiment.
It is based on the outskirts of Grantham UK at the Prince William of Gloucester Barracks,88 PC Regiment shares this base with other RLC regiments such as: 166 Supply 168 Pioneer. As the RLC TA is a national unit (meaning it recruits persons from all over the UK) 88 PC is made up of people from many places. Most members of the regiment have transferable civilian skills and simply bring those existing skills into a new environment.
Furthermore 88 PC has soldiers from other trades attached to it, e.g. Driver Radio Operators (who are in all Regiments). Although such trades are officially on the ORBAT (order of battle) for 88 PC, the OSWO (Operational Support Warrant Officer) may send them to train with a different unit for certain periods, they may also be ’lent’ to a regiment short of that specific trade.
Within 88 PC there is sufficient scope to attain a full driving, motorbike and HGV licence as well as parachute wings (worn above the RLC flash on the right arm). 88 PC deploy on exercise abroad annually to Cyprus, Germany etc. They also have many opportunities to attend adventurous training (AT) in Scotland as well as many regimental training events held at at weekends/weekdays at Grantham. In essence, whereever the Army go 88 PC will deploy as well, this can be said for almost all RLC units.

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