Unit History: IWT Workshops RE

IWT Workshops RE
I served in MELF 7. The unit was in Port Said. I was the company clerk. All the soldiers were tradesmen. We employed around 200 plus Eygptians and there were 80 of us. We ran Z craft and tugs. The favourite was the Empire Marths. We had 4 25ft steel towers to guard the unit with searchlights and sirens. We had an alsation called Satan who lodged with Corporal Greatorex. We were four to a tent and I was billeted with Speedy Morrison, Paddy Oshaughnessy, and Derek Turner. The Commanding Officer sailed up and down our strech of water in a dinghy. We had Captain Stanley, Lt Potter and other officers. Sgt Major Unthank 819823. S/sgt Barrett and Sgt Malone. Lots of ships of the Daring class used to visit us: The Dante, Daring and Darling. Each night we sang our own particular song. It was a happy carefree camp although we did lose one soldier Taffy Axelberg. Looking at the records I see he is buried in Moascar. All this was 1953 1954. I was recalled in 1956 for the Suez Crisis and served with Londoners of the Pool of London (Lightermen). I was the only Yorkshireman and was called Smiffy. Lots more to relate but that is enough for now. Pete Baeckingham was also a mate.

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