Unit History: Prince of Waless Own

Prince of Waless Own
All I know is that my Uncle was in this regiment his number was 42808 and was formerly known as Yorks Reg and his number in that reg was 32783 and he was killed in action on the 1st Nov 1918 at Flanders

Memories of Prince of Waless Own

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

Prince Of Waless Own Regiment of Yorkshire, in 1963

Written by John A Devenish

1963 driving to Berlin to takeover from the Kings Regiment anti tank platoon, whilst they carried out training in southern Germany. Stayed with a great regiment had a fantastic time. Regimental Sgt Major was a nightmare. The local bar on the corner outside the Barracks remains a mystery. to be continued
Sailing to Gibralter on SS Devonshire in 1960 the leaking portholes, the Bay of Biscay and the bad weather. to be continued
Germany 1962 Wuppertal leaning to drive the Austin 1 tonner with the crash gearbox, the nights spent in Wuppertal with our platoon. to be continued

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