Unit History: 80th Regiment of Foot

80th Regiment of Foot
The 80th was first raised in 1793 during the French Revolutionary War by Lord Henry Paget, the first Marques of Anglesey.  The Regiment was swiftly put into action in Flanders and Holland (1794-95) and then participated in an expedition to the Cape of Good Hope and then it was part of a force to expel Napoleon from Egypt in 1801.  In 1836 The 80th escorted convicts to Australia and remained in the region for 9 years, it then moved to India to serve the Honourable East India Company during the First Sikh War.  It then went on to serve during the second Burmese war (1852-53), the Zulu Wars (1879) fighting at The Battle of Isandlwala.
In 1881 as part of the Childers Reforms it was merged with the 38th Regiment of Foot to become The South Staffordshire Regiment.

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