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Unit History: New Zealand Infantry

New Zealand Infantry
The New Zealand Infantry is the main combat arm of the regular New Zealand Army.
In the New Zealand Army, an Infantry Platoon is commanded by a 2nd Lieutenant or a Lieutenant with a Platoon Sergeant (holding the rank of Sergeant), a Platoon Signaller and a medic (where relevant) comprising the Platoon Headquarters. The Platoon is sub-divided into three sections of between 7–10 soldiers, each commanded by a Corporal with a Lance-Corporal as the Section second-in-command (Section 2iC). Each section can be sub-divided into two fire-teams, commanded by the Section Commander and 2iC respectively, as well as normal two man Scout, Rifle and Gun Teams.
There are three platoons in a Rifle Company, which is commanded by a Major, and three rifle companies within an infantry battalion, which is commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel. An infantry battalion will also contain an organic Support Company (mortars, machine-guns etc.) and a Logistics Company (transport and stores).
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Active From: 1845 - Present

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