Unit History: Heavy Air Defence

Heavy Air Defence
First formed as 4th North Midland Brigade RFA Territorial Force at Derby, and as such served with 46 North Midland Division on the Western Front 1915 - 1918. The Brigade was broken up in August 1916 and redesignated.
Became 62 (North Midland) Brigade RFA TA, at Derby.
Became 68 (North Midland) AA Brigade, at Derby.
Became 68 HAA Regiment RA, moved to Egypt in August 1941. 8th Army, fought alongside Polish Forces, lost at Tobruk June 1942.  Reformed in Eygpt June 1943 and moved to Malta in January 1945.
January 1947
Redesignated 36th Coast / HAA Regiment in Malta.
April 1947
Retitled 36th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment Comprising of 56, 60 and 168 Batteries
October 1948
36th Heavy Anti - Aircraft Regiment in Malta.
November 1956
Regiment moves to Shoeburyness
Retitled 36th Guided Weapon Regiment (Anti-Aircraft)Re-equipped with Thunderbird 1 Missiles 168 Battery placed into Suspended Animation
Sept 1961
Regiment moves to BAOR. Regiment arrives at RAF Sundern in Gutersloh,later renamed Mansergh Barracks. CO Lt Col Walkling
Nov/Dec 1961
Regiment moves to Glamorgan Barracks   Duisburg
Retitled 36th  Heavy Air Defence Regiment Duisburg
Re-equipped with Thunderbird 2 Missiles Duisburg
Regiment moves to Napier Barracks Dortmund
Amalgamated with 37th Heavy Air Defence Regiment at Shoeburyness, became 36th Heavy Air Defence Regiment. 56 Battery to 50 Missile Regt, 60 Battery placed into Suspended Animation. CO Lt Col J A Gallie until Feb 1969.
New CO Lt Col  A J A Brett.
July 1971
Regiment moves back to BAOR,  Napier Barracks, Dortmund.
May 1977
Syrena Day - Disbandment Parade Napier Barracks, Dortmund.
Ceased Operational Role 10 Battery to 45 Regt, 111 Battery to 2nd Field Regt. CO Lt Col Peter Painter
Placed into Suspended Animation

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