Unit History: RAF Trimley Heath

RAF Trimley Heath
Trimley Heath was a small communications centre situated midway between Felixstowe and Ipswich. It was a lodger unit of RAF Felixstowe.
Date of closure unknown.

Memories of RAF Trimley Heath

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF Trimley Heath, in 1950

Written by Joyce Easter (Grantham)

We lived at RAF felixstoe. With two or three men we started a Christian fellowship which grew to about 20 very quickly. Then a church grew out of the christian fellowhip and I was asked by the S.W.O if I would start a sunday school for children from the married quarters. I did this with the help of all the young national service men. However, this all came to an end with the east coast floods 1953. My boyfriend at the time was a medical Ordley and had to rescue dead bodies from the beach and the sea. After de-mob, Brian and I married and after college he was ordained. Would love to get back in the touch with some of the christain fellowhip members.

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