Unit History: RAF Benson

RAF Benson
RAF Benson (IATA: BEX, ICAO: EGUB) is a Royal Air Force station near Benson in Oxfordshire, England. It is home to the Royal Air Force’s medium transport helicopters, the Aerospatiale Puma and the new EH101 Merlin.
Benson is currently home to 28 Squadron and 33 Squadron and also to Oxford University Air Squadron and 6 Air Experience Flight. It has now also formed 78 Squadron as a Merlin Squadron (previously a Sea King/Chinook Squadron based at RAF Mount Pleasant Airfield, Falkland Islands). Previous units once based there include the Queen’s Flight.
The Thames Valley Police helicopter (a Eurocopter EC135) and the Chiltern air ambulance helicopter (a Bolkow 105, call sign "Helimed24") are both based at Benson.
The airfield is a well-known frost hollow

Memories of RAF Benson

(Memories written by members of Forces Reunited)

RAF BENSON in 1972

Written by Betty Massey

Can anyone recall climbing Mount Snowdon in the January of 1972.
Our Instructor was a sgt from Abingdon by the name of Sgt Brian Holmes, who had a sheep dog called Patch. His wife worked in Boots the Chemist in Abingdon.
We stayed in a Hostel in Bethesda. North Wales.
I can remember it was freezing, but great fun.
If anyone else can remember being there with us, or knowing the where abouts of Brian Holmes, please get in touch.

244 Sig Sqn (AS) RAF Benson in 2007

Written by Ian Durrant

I got away with producing the underground newsletter for about six issues. Fondly remember the articles on the 'Mad Jewish Film Producer, the 'Primitive Fishing' and Goldy with her Church Key' Also remember Glenfiddich chasers in the mess, Rosemary's baby, fish from Stornaway delivered by the Queens Flight and nocturnal visits to the Egg Farm with Demon Stan. You had to be there I suppose. Best to forget almost leaving for Portadown, N Ireland, with the Red Hands still painted on the vehicles.

RAF Benson, in 1957

Written by Rita Brown

Have many lovely memories of Benson, though unfortunately forgotten peoples names. Had a few boyfriends while there- a corporal who had an MG TC so spent lovely sunny days driving round country lanes and visiting old pubs. Had another boyfriend who had an old split screen Riley- lovely car . He actually let my drive it once . Then I had a boyfriend who had a Lambretta scooter. Have to say this was all over a two year period - wander where you all are now? .
Other memories are of walking from back of WRAF block over the hill and down into Ewelme to the pub opposite the church and drinking black velvety. Pub was always full of RAF bods. Then of course was the London road Inn , playing bar billiards and again pub always full of RAF. Lovey happy memories.
Most of my time spent at Benson was playing sport as was good at table tennis and cricket and played for WRAF in both. Also played inter-command mixed doubles badminton , netball and hockey, so didn’t really spend so much time on the station . It was a wonderful carefree (apart from the bull) time that will always be remembered by me with so much happiness. Would be nice to find old friends from then.

RAF Benson in 1962

Written by Geoffrey Smith

Posted to Benson from Butzweilerhof beginning of 1962.Worked in supply squadron driving forward supply wagon. My close mates were Colin Shillito,Mike Simms,both deceased now.Mike married one of the W.R.A.F.girls,Mary Lynn.I married June in March 1962,we lived in a caravan,rented from the son of Bert Penny,a civvy who worked in Barrack stores.When Mike and Mary married they did it from our place.The wedding was in Oxford,June,Colin and I were there.I remember Bob Blake,he was in Germany with me and was posted to Benson just before me.

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