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Unit History: Longmoor Camp

Longmoor Camp
Longmoor Military Camp is a British Army training camp and training area on the A3 road between Liss and Liphook in Hampshire, England. The village of Greatham lies to the south.
The camp includes Nissen huts, a school house, messing facilities, cinema and theatre. The main street of the camp is built on an ancient Roman road, the Chichester to Silchester Way. The training areas consist of 1783 hectares of wooded areas, heath, wetlands and hard standings.
The majority of the area is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest and forms part of the European designated Wealden Heaths Special Protection Area and Special Area of Conservation.
The camp was formerly home to 79 Railway Squadron (United Kingdom) and other elements of the Royal Engineers.
Longmoor Military Railway formerly connected the camp to the mainline rail network, but was closed in 1969.
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