Unit History: RN W/T Station Kranji, Singapore

RN W/T Station Kranji, Singapore
This shore base / radio station was situated some 12 miles from Singapore City, off Bukit Timah Road near the small village of Yew Tea.  This was at the North / North West side of Singapore Island within a mile of the Causeway linking Singapore to mainland Malaysia. It was reputed to be on the site of a WW2 Japanese prisoner of war camp but this cannot be confirmed.
The radio station was in fact known as Singapore Radio but the actual Communications Centre was at a remote site within the Naval Dockyard at Sembawang. In the 1950’’s and 1960’’s each shift at Kranji W/T was staffed with a Radio Supervisor and Leading Radio Operator (RN) with the rest being locally employed civilian radio operators.  A number of Radio Electricians (RN) were also on each shift.  Far more R N radio operators worked at the remote site known as Singapore Comcen and were accommodated in the barracks at HMS Terror.
Also accommodated at Kranji were radio operators (RN) who formed the "Far East Fleet Pool".  As the name implies these were a ’’pool’’ of operators who were available at short notice to supplement staff onboard ships or other shore bases taking part in exercises anywhere East of Suez or to fill in onboard ships in emergencies. It was also a Rest & Recuperation (R & R) camp for R N staff recovering from sickness/illness.
In December 1969 the "Fleet Pool" re-located to the main naval barracks (HMS Terror) and Kranji was handed over in the early 1970’’s to the Singapore Government.  It remained a radio station, staffed by radio operators from the Austrailian and New Zealand navies and also Singaporeans.
It later closed altogether, although the exact date is not known.

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