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Unit History: Somalia Gendarmerie

Somalia Gendarmerie
The Somalia Gendarmerie was formed in 1941/42 in order to Police Italian Somaliland, British Somaliland and Eritrea. It was formed from men of the Kings African Rifles (Tanganyika Battalion) and officers seconded from the Tanganyika Police, Uganda Police and Kenya Police. I believe that Officers and men of West African Units also formed this force. Units were based at Mogadishu were Headquarters was formed in the former Italian Governor's palace and several other places within Italian Somaliland. There were approximately 3 Btns, mainly from East African Police and some West African, There was definitely a Camel Section and an Armoured Car section utilising South African Marmon-Herrington Vehicles built at the Ford works in Johannesberg. 
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Active From: 1942 - 1949

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